ORIGIN early 17th cent.: via French from Italian gazzetta, originally gazeta de la novità (because the news-sheet sold for a gazeta, a Venetian coin of small value)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kids Euro Festival Q & A

Speaking at the Kids Euro Festival was a lot of fun. It was the first time I was presenting my book and meeting readers, so I was a tad nervous. But both the children and the parents who turned out on a gorgeous fall day to hear about Axelle and Guillaume, the heroine of Combinaison gagnante and the brother with whom she exchanges her identity in order to race, were extremely warm and enthusiastically receptive. The questions they asked were apropos as well as amusing! Kids wanted to know how long it takes to write a book (months and months with countless revisions), if I had done the illustrations (no, it was Sébastien des Déserts, someone I'll be meeting for the first time in two weeks), if being a teacher helps me write books (yes, because of all the observations I make), and if I was already writing another book (just finished it and mailed it off… last night!). They also wanted to know how a person born and raised in Louisiana is now a French writer (that's too long of a story for one blogpost). It was enjoyable to share not only the story of how Axelle and Guilluame were created, but my own as well. Thanks to all who showed up!

Here's a picture after the presentation with a young reader…

 …and later, with one of my biggest fans!