ORIGIN early 17th cent.: via French from Italian gazzetta, originally gazeta de la novità (because the news-sheet sold for a gazeta, a Venetian coin of small value)

Friday, December 3, 2010

School Visit in Paris

What fun! Yesterday, I visited a class of fourth and fifth graders at the École 109, avenue Parmentier in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Their teacher, Fabien Pacilly-Gamboa, had prepared them for my visit, and as a result, we all had a fabulous time. Not only had every single student read Combinaison gagnante, they were prepared with questions and comments about character development, whether it was difficult to imagine a fictional story and create a plot, and why I wrote in French instead of English. Many thanks to Fabien and his lively students for a wonderful visit.

The front door to the school 
109, avenue Parmentier, Paris 11e

Questions and Answers

The CM1 / CM2 class with the visiting author

Fabien and a few of his students