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Sunday, September 16, 2012

DCPL Mount Pleasant Library

We are so very lucky. After two years of renovation, the gorgeous, wonderful, state-of-the-art, historic District of Columbia Public Library Mount Pleasant Branch has re-opened. Mayor Gray was there to cut the ribbon, the drummers were there to create the rhythm, the children were there to enjoy the unbelievable upstairs children's section (with the original murals by Aurelius Battaglia), the council members were there to applaud the efforts, the librarians were there to do their thing—help people find information, check out books, and expand their knowledge and connect through the use of the library. As a resident of the neighborhood, a reader, a teacher, and a children's book writer, I feel very fortunate to have this institution just a few short blocks from my home. It will be my weekly destination (and on foot, to boot!). Hooray for libraries!! Hooray for DCPL!! Hooray for Mount Pleasant.

The drummers brought the beat…

Yeah, District of Columbia Public Libraries!

Young readers

Veronica, DCPL Mt Pleasant librarian

Jess Stork, DCPL children's librarian

Ward 1 Council Member Jim Graham and Ginnie Cooper

Councilman Graham, Mayor Gray, and others