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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Editions Talents Hauts

I am very pleased to annonce that in just over two months, Editions Talents Hauts will publish my first book, Combinaison gagnante. This relatively young, decidely dynamic, and entirely original French publishing house has built its reputation on collections linked to two principle themes - gender equality and bilingualism. Created in 2005 by Laurence Faron and Mélanie Decourt, Editions Talents Hauts publishes illustrated books for children and teens in which text and image leap from the pages to catch your interest, hook you, and hold you there until you ask for more.

Their collections include:

Filles = Garçons (gender equality)
     Picture Books, for children 3 to 7
     Livres et égaux, for children 8 to 10
Français / English (bilingual... no translation!)
     DUAL Books
     Mini-DUAL Books
     DUAL Books +
     Oops & Ohlala
     Filou & Pixie

Combinaison gagnante will be released in August 2010 in Talent Hauts' collection, Livres et égaux

More to follow


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