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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's the day! Combinaison gagnante!

Today’s the day! My first book, Combinaison gagnante, is being released by Editions Talents Hauts. The book, written entirely in French for children ages eight to twelve, is part of their gender-equality collection Livres et égaux, and is illustrated by Sébastien des Deserts.

Combinaison gagnante is the story of Axelle Blanchard, a 12-year old girl from Le Mans who has big dreams – racing dreams. The Blanchard family is steeped in the tradition of automobile racing. Axelle’s father was a Formula 1 pilot, and her two older brothers are being groomed to take up his mantle. Naturally, Axelle wants to get into the act. Unfortunately, her parents are opposed to the idea of her getting involved in automobile sports… all because she’s a girl.
No matter. With some help from her brother Guillaume, who would rather be writing poetry than getting ready for the next race, Axelle is able to train and in an ingenious exchange of identities – Twelfth Night style – she races until she can no longer keep hidden her secret identity.
What happens when her parents discover the scheme? I’m hoping that your curiosity is sufficiently piqued, and that you will read and enjoy the book which is now available in Europe in bookstores or directly from the publisher, and soon to be available in bookstores and online in North America. To find out more about Axelle, about women in Formula 1, about how I came to write the book, and what future projects I’m working on, visit my new website.

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