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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Love Teaching First Graders

Mouhamad is boisterous
Aglaé is sweet-tempered
Lily is as smart as a whip
Inès is endearing
Patrick has a voice to sing opera
Claudia is perspicacious
Santiago loves color
Brayden is coquin
Nayla is blissfully happy
Situ Coralie's the boss
Alexandra is playful
Cool Kenan takes it all in
Justin bright as a new penny
Colombe is as sweet as a dove
Eric sees everything and gets it
Alara?  She is Turkish delight

With sixteen students and twelve nationalities ranging from French to Turkish, from Mexican to Lebanese, from Belgian to American, from Spanish to Senegalese, from Togolese to Brazilian, and from Korean to Burundian, why wouldn't I love teaching first graders?  Well, there's always the bouquet of languages that I love, too.
I'll name a few:
French English Arabic Spanish
Fula Kirundi Korean Turkish
Did I mention that we also
Hear Portuguese and Togolese...
Do you still wonder 
Why I love teaching these?


  1. Jane! What a gorgeous bouquet of faces you've got there! I've taught kindergarten and second, but never first. Loved it! I have the bigger guys now, and amazingly, the first grader is still inside each one of them, and it peeks out at me all the time. It's that little gleam that I hope will never go away! (I think I have it too!) Thanks for following my blog. It's great to be able to talk to one another and to make friends outside our classroom walls!

  2. Thank you, Gael, for your comment. I look forward to following your blog and exchanging thoughts and ideas about teaching.

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