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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Parse Gallery & Artist Situation in NOLA

Last week, while Philippe and I were visiting family and friends in Louisiana, we encountered Parse Gallery & Artist Situation in downtown New Orleans. 

Parse Gallery is a three-story building where two young artists are establishing a progressive and playful art community. The directors, Ricardo Barba (originally from Chicago) and Margot Walsh (originally from Richmond), run the space and invite diverse artists to come together to live and work, a kind of artist collective and community. The gallery is at 134 Carondelet Street, just on the fringe of the French Quarter, right past Canal Street. 

The first floor serves as a gallery. Up until yesterday, Parse was showing two young artists' works: Brooke Inman and Jess Laskosky, whose collective pieces are called "Still Life with Bombs." Up next is a show of Ricardo's works slated to begin in April. On the second floor, there is a residential space for the artists who join them for a time. On the spacious third floor is the studio space which is already operational, where the artists do their thing, but more space is on the way: Ricardo and Margot are expanding studio space and living quarters so as to welcome even more artists.

Wishing them much luck, and a few breaks! C'mon New Orleans!

Bonne chance à Ricardo, à Margot, et à Parse !

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